Everyone – including all of us at Royal on the Eastside – knows that Audi has a long-standing reputation for exceptional performance, luxurious interiors and distinctive styling. What’s exciting to us is that all that Audi excellence is available at very attractive pre-owned prices in our local inventory here in Bloomington, IN. Here are examples of the elegant Audi choices we offer every day with price tags that make Audi even more rewarding.

Shop for pre-owned models like the Audi Q5, Q7 or Q8

While our pre-owned Audi inventory is popular enough that it’s changing constantly, we work hard to offer you attractive choices like our recent model Audi Q5 luxury compact SUVs. Our Audi Q5 models are typically just a few years old and come with the kind of satisfying acceleration you appreciate in an Audi SUV. You know the cabin in a quality pre-owned Audi will be upscale, performance will be excellent and the styling will be superb.

Or you might prefer a pre-owned Audi A4, A5 or A7

Another intriguing example of our pre-owned Audi quality is a recent model Audi A4 sedan. When you find either a pre-owned Audi A4 or A5 in our inventory, you’ll be looking at luxury in a compact configuration. The interior will reflect Audi’s emphasis on upscale surroundings and the performance will be gratifying with every mile you drive. Especially rewarding is the way a 2017 Audi A5 could give you as much as 37 mpg on the highway.

Keep your eye on our entire pre-owned Audi inventory

Your diligent search for the right pre-owned Audi model could result in finding any of the models listed above as well as an Audi e-tron model. Regardless of your ultimate Audi decision, you can be confident you’ll be getting the luxury, style and performance of Audi at a price you can be comfortable with. Start your own enjoyable Audi research quest today online or in person at Royal on the Eastside in Bloomington, IN.

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